You’re doing amazing, sweetie. Kris Jenner ★ Work, work, work, work, work. Rihanna ★ That’s suspicious. That’s weird. Cardi B ★ Mom, I am a rich man. Cher ★ That’s hot. Paris Hilton ★ It’s Friday. Rebecca Black ★ Not bad for a girl with no talent. Kim Kardashian ★ Let them eat cake. Marie Antoinette ★ My ARTPOP could mean anything. Lady Gaga ★ Bye Sister. Tati Westbrook ★ Category: Bad Bitch. I’m the bar. Beyoncé ★ Hold the drama. I just want to dance. JoJo Siwa ★ Alright. Alright. Alright. Matthew McConaughey ★ You only live once, that’s the motto. Drake ★ Real hot girl shit. Megan Thee Stallion ★ Shanté, you stay! RuPaul Charles ★ Woo-ah! Kim Petras ★ I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative. Taylor Swift ★ Rise and shine. Kylie Jenner ★ Making money is art. Andy Warhol ★ So, here’s the way I see it… We need to completely recreate human civilization. Marianne Williamson ★ We come to this place for magic. Nicole Kidman ★ It feels like… a movie. Harry Styles ★ Smize. Tyra Banks ★ Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? The Rock ★ I’m an instant star. Just add water and stir. David Bowie ★ I only move forward, never backwards darling. Grace Jones ★ Baby, we were born to die. Lana Del Rey ★ 

Animation of the Pride themed YouTube logo.
Mobile view of YouTube's brand channel with Pride creative.
Nikita Dragun for YouTube Pride
Kim Petras for YouTube Pride
Handwritten note by Jerm Bot: To me Pride means being proud of your identity no matter how different you are. Emracing and celebrating your differences and your quirks is what the spirit of pride is all about.
Handwritten note by Miss Benny: Pride is about celebrating and acknowledging QUEER PPL with your fabulous chosen family! (Also dancing to Carly Rae Jepsen) - Miss Benny xo
Black five-pointed star
YouTube Pride
YouTube's 2019 Pride campaign coincided with the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. To celebrate the progress made so far, we created a monthlong editorial brand campaign to lift up prominent LGBTQ+ artists and creators and position them as influential and inspiring icons in their own right within Pride's storied history.

The visual direction brought the past to the present with classic Hollywood headshot inspired black and white portraiture paired with a fluid, technicolor spectrum composed to evoke feelings of joyful escapism and digital nonconformity.
Creative & Design Direction
Hunter Ellenbarger
YouTube Brand
Max Kelerstein (Social Marketing), Tyler Lewis (Brand Marketing), Julia Zhou (Brand Marketing), Francesco Ferrara (Social Content Producer), Jaweer Brown (Social Marketing)
Ryan Duffin
Yann Bastard
Video Production
Julian Buchan (Director, Editor), Paloma Criollo (DP), Liza Nelson (Set), Ruby Paiva (AC), Louis Weissman (Gaffer), Amy Reedy Asbjørnsen (Editor) Chase Colman (Project Manager, Another), Jonathan Godinho (Project Manager, Another)
Motion Design