You’re doing amazing, sweetie. Kris Jenner ★ Work, work, work, work, work. Rihanna ★ That’s suspicious. That’s weird. Cardi B ★ Mom, I am a rich man. Cher ★ That’s hot. Paris Hilton ★ It’s Friday. Rebecca Black ★ Not bad for a girl with no talent. Kim Kardashian ★ Let them eat cake. Marie Antoinette ★ My ARTPOP could mean anything. Lady Gaga ★ Bye Sister. Tati Westbrook ★ Category: Bad Bitch. I’m the bar. Beyoncé ★ Hold the drama. I just want to dance. JoJo Siwa ★ Alright. Alright. Alright. Matthew McConaughey ★ You only live once, that’s the motto. Drake ★ Real hot girl shit. Megan Thee Stallion ★ Shanté, you stay! RuPaul Charles ★ Woo-ah! Kim Petras ★ I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative. Taylor Swift ★ Rise and shine. Kylie Jenner ★ Making money is art. Andy Warhol ★ So, here’s the way I see it… We need to completely recreate human civilization. Marianne Williamson ★ We come to this place for magic. Nicole Kidman ★ It feels like… a movie. Harry Styles ★ Smize. Tyra Banks ★ Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? The Rock ★ I’m an instant star. Just add water and stir. David Bowie ★ I only move forward, never backwards darling. Grace Jones ★ Baby, we were born to die. Lana Del Rey ★ 

Wheatpasted posters of a YouTube Creator Awards campaign.
Preview of several stickers from the YouTube Creator Award identity kit.
Emma Chamberlain and Bretman Rock celebratory IG Story frames.
Poster of Juana Zurita for YouTube Creator Awards
Stickers for the visual identity kit.
Billboard featuring Dua Lipa with her Diamond Play Button Subscriber Award.
Black five-pointed star
YouTube Creator Awards
YouTube Creator Awards is a program designed to recognize creators that reach impressive subscriber milestones on the platform.

To build out this visual system, we started with the physical awards themselves as our foundation and then incorporated inspiration from real-world stickers like the kinds that creators often apply to their production equipment, phones and luggage. We also had the insight that animated stickers are an effective and inconspicuous way to weave branding elements into native social content.

The kit features 30+ stickers to create designs as dynamic and diverse as YouTube's global community while ensuring that each execution feels as relatable and personal as it does aspirational and premium.
Creative Direction, Design & Illustration
Hunter Ellenbarger
YouTube Brand
Allie Freiwald (Social Marketing), Ayanna Patterson (Creator Marketing)
Motion Design
Mackenna Millet (Design Lead, XX Artists)